ArtistOne Management Group .LLC

Welcome to ArtistOne Management Group .LLC.

With many years of combined artistic and business experiences, we -- the family of people comprising Artist One Management Group (AOMG) -- have come together to introduce unique blends of people and ideas.


AOMG is proud to present our roster of accomplished artists for future booking engagements. to introduce you to our artists and to enable you to "see and listen" to them, please visit their individual artist pages.

At a Glance

ArtistOne Management Group .LLC  (AOMG) is looking for established singer/songwriters possessing -- at least -- "extraordinary" vocal/songwriting abilities, ample road experience and future bookings.


IMAGINE joining forces with ArtistOne Management Group .LLC (AOMG) - as we showcase your Product -- via-a-vis our roster of talented recording artists and their songs.

Who we are!

Music publishing/songwriter/musicians/book credentials:

To date, we've enjoyed successes in multiple disciplines and have incorporated them into our base operations ...

Music Industry marketing:

We've developed and implemented successful marketing campaigns within the music industry and have formed strategic alliances along the way with several multinational corporations to market their products.

Music Industry promotions:

We've been instrumental in promoting national concert tours for successful, high profile recording artists/bands  ... and we've also extended their consumer bases, and those of national and international corporations, by implementing successful sales campaigns on the wings of a shared perception...  “music is what feelings sound like!

... And, within that shared perception, AOMG believes “music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, when striving to name the unnamable, to communicate the unknowable!



Matt Chapel

When I think of Artist One, I think FAMILY! Before you ever have anything or if you are blessed and have it all, family will always be the most important thing. I am honored to be a member of this one!

Matt Chapel
dB Nashville

As a Nashville music producer, I have managed projects for Artist One Management Group for over 5 years. I have formed a close working relationship with their staff and find them to be very professional, with great artist's and keen insight.

Danny B.
Cody Sumpter

Since day one Artist One has been about doing things right and helping us musicians get back to our, honest, and hopeful.

Cody Sumpter